INCOME INVESTOR PODCAST EP. 19 – Control Your Retirement Destiny

Podcast Hosts: Jimmy Dot Direct & Stan The Annuity Man

dana-bioPodcast Guest: Dana Anspach, founder of Sensible Money, LLC
Website: //

Dana has been practicing in financial services since 1995.  In addition she has been writing as an expert on retirement related topics since 2008, spending eight years as’s MoneyOver55 Expert, which has now evolved into the topic of Retirement Decisions at The Balance. She also contributes content to MarketWatch as one of their RetireMentors. She is also the author of Control Your Retirement Destiny (2nd Edition) and of Social Security Sense.

Dana is actively involved in the industry, participating in conferences and committees for the Retirement Income Industry Association and working toward expanding the reach of the Retirement Management Analyst® designation. All Sensible Money financial planners use a planning process designed around the principles and concepts learned in the RMA® coursework. This process enables each planner to consistently identify the decisions clients can make that will have the most impact on their level of financial success.

Dana is passionate about her work and understands how scary the transition out of the workforce can be. Her firm’s planning process helps clients clear away any confusion by laying out a path showing them which accounts they will withdraw from and how the portfolio will sustain itself, while covering the withdrawals and taxes that will be incurred.

The planning process Dana uses is detailed and thorough and leaves upcoming retirees feeling as if a huge burden and concern and has been lifted from their shoulders. They are free to go out and enjoy retirement!

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